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Floor Lamps are the best option where there is no chance of natural light and they serve as the best choice in order to have a perfect interior style. Lights can never go wrong. A beautiful and simplest way to add the interest in any space in the house can be done by placing floor lamps. They are appealing and one can always give a glamorous touch to their home with the floor lamps. Wide variety and large range of this product are available today in the market.

Why to have a floor lamp?

They provide adequate amount of lighting inn the dim nooks of the room and one may even take the advantage of the height. To read under the floor lamp on your bed or at your favorite place in the room gives immense joy. It is very important to have a floor lamp bedside when you are too lazy to put off the lights when you feel too sleepy. One of the characteristic of Floor Lamps is that they can be moved around as per our interest which makes life easy. They are one of the finest ways to get task lighting and works better for hallways or dining rooms and are flexible, too.

Types of Floor Lamps:

  • Tree floor lamps
  • Torchiere
  • Classic floor lamps
  • Tripod
  • Pharmacy lamp

Tree lamps come in huge design and they are most common type. They offer branches of arrays that can provide light in various directions. Nowadays, this lamp also comes with adjustable branches and bulbs that can be turned on or off when needed. This lamp is larger in size and might take up extra space. Torchiere is one of the most purchased floor lamp that can fit at any place and are designed in a handy way. The lamp is pointed towards the ceiling and the light bounces off and spreads into much large surface area. Thus, the range of illumination is more with this type of lamp.

Classic floor lamps are generally preferred by the traditional homes in order to get a classic and rustic look for the house. This may provide a good ambience to a classic interior and obviously it suits to the interior and pleases the eye. Cylinder or drum type of classic lamps gives a fantastic look and sufficient amount of lighting is obtained. Tripod floor lamps are known for their base with three legs. This lamp gives a stylish look and the shape adds an architectural element into the room. These lamps can make a whole room light up but takes up significant amount of space. Pharmacy lamps are very functional lamps and come with a specific directed light and can be adjusted as per the height.

If chosen wisely and precisely, floor lamps can provide an aesthetic look to your room and gives an astonishing look. Also the lampshades and size can be made varied in order to complement to your interior design and the room where you want to set up a floor lamp. Try the different floor lamps and get rid of the mundane lights of make your room lit beautifully.

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