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Till a coon’s age back, table lamps served the purpose of illuminating desks for writing letters. Today, though, its importance has increased so much, that a beautiful home décor is incomplete without table lamps. Little wonder then, designers are investing their time and effort in bringing you the most efficient and wonderful lamp shades.

Lamp shades come in different sizes and shapes according to customer needs. If you have a regular habit of working at home on your desk, it is necessary that you get table lamp/table lamps for yourself. Before shopping for lamp shades, know your requirement, for example, whether you need it for your study room or your living area. On either sides of your bed, for instance, you can have small lamps. If you are yet to buy lamp shades for your home décor, check out the eclectic range of table lamps at Karpntree. Given for your benefit are few insights into choosing the right kind of table lamps:

  • If your aim is to give a cozy feel to your room, go for warmer look by putting lamp shades with incandescent light. This is suitable for occasions such light discussions, or relaxing after a stressful day.
  • If your purpose is studying/ working on desk, choose a sleek, light lamp which doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your table. Small lamps are well suited for this purpose. Since much strain is caused to the eyes, go for strong LED lights. Warm light is not only insufficient for work purpose, but also gives a lethargic feel to it.
  • If you have a habit of reading till late night and your room partner doesn’t allow it, invest in a table lamp, preferably a small lamp which has user control facility. In such a table lamp, you can change the light mode according to the strain on your eyes.
  • It is an irrefragable fact that if you want to make your home look aesthetically pleasing, proper lighting is a must. However, you needn’t worry about costly lightings. Small lamps arranged across the drawing room can make your house look class apart. One example of crafty lamp shade is given below.
  • Simplicity is the new magic word for elegance. A lot of lamp shades go the minimalistic way by keeping the design as basic as possible. For instance, look at the lamp given below.
  • Table lamps are also subject to space constraint and thus, your choice will also depend on the space available to fit the lamp. For instance, if you have very little space, then arc shaped lamp, which is extremely slender, will be appropriate.
  • If you have a huge desk and would want to frequently adjust the table lamp, go for gooseneck lamps that are pretty flexible and moldable.
  • For your kid’s room choose small lamps which do not run the risk of being broken by your kids. You can purchase colorful small lamps which are innovatively shaped like snake or rocket to make their room look livelier. A fun table lamp will help getting them into the habit of working on tables.

Table lamps are a great way to enliven your home and your spirits. So, go lighten and brighten your home space by gifting yourself a new one today!

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