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In the era of fashion statements and subtle signals-HAR FURNITURE KUCH KEHTA HAI – Wooden Furniture and Contemporary Furniture

“Wooden!” – This expression is not to express the state of the 21st century people’s emotions, but rather their taste i.e. about Wooden Furniture which is now Contemporary Furniture. Not long ago the likes of Sheesham and Deodar adorned the heritage of royal palaces with their polished metal outlook and their ability to resist pests that bothered the common folks of Redwood, Mahogany and Birch; and now in the subtle world of personal expressions and their medium, furniture has ‘carved’ out a place for itself as one of the more intricate ones, to express a taste and style unique to the host. These days people do not just want wooden furniture but it should also be contemporary furniture.

Yup, furniture isn’t any more just a pair of chairs and a table to serve tea to the (un) welcome guests; rather it’s now become a medium of self-portrayal, to create an aura that complements the host, and living rooms serve as private galleries to put up style, elegance and grace. The color, make and design are paints to be marked on the canvas of wood. What’s more? The modulations are numerous – the lighting and the positioning, the curvy boards and the erect ones, even engravings, everything can serve as a medium for the expressive host and a message for the intuitive guests! Maybe subtle, but nevertheless existent.

Woo ‘em with your Wooden Furniture –

The standard choice of material for furniture – wood, has quite a few non-standard variations. Want to have a robust set-up? Cool. There are abundant designs carved off oak, deodar and cherry up for picking. More of a gentle, delicate and soft type? Have your pick from Pine, Birch, Cedar and Redwood. Or a metal head, who’d rather prefer the luster and power of iron or steel alloys underneath to support that royal behind as it sets base? Explore your options with Sheesham that not only has a royal metallic luster, but also competes in strength and outshines in durability, when put against the modern alloys, whilst possessing the added benefits of more flexibility with designs, shapes, curvatures and engravings.

Want to go a bit off beat? Checkout the likes of heirloom silver coffee trunks, or regent cocktail tables.

Why this stress on the choice of material? Simply put:

  • Wood is the standard material for scores of artisans to weave magic into. Thus implying easily available and a wide range of wooden furniture options to choose from. These come in the contemporary furniture designs too.
  • The visual, touch and olfactory essence of wood has a metaphysical warmth, and in some cases, nostalgia.
  • The no. of options, availability and flexibility are vivid incentives for customization and designing. Termites? Yikes! It’s the 21st century and it’s those pests you are worried about?

So the next time you go out looking for a decent something for that corner, or want to replace that noisy couch; the fashion statement you make while you are at it might not feel that important in that big city mall, as we are sure, the ambience back home will! After all, what’s home if not a bit reflective, tasteful and unique! Come to us for the most Contemporary furniture and wooden furniture.

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